You asked. We listened! Introducing our New Small Tote.

Arancia-Chamois-Graphite Leather Small Tote

The perfect structure and scale for everyday, everywhere travel. Just two thirds the size of our large tote the Small Essential Tote has drawstring side pockets that fit maps to find your way, keys to a special heart, a diary for details or a cell phone to stay in touch! Inside are three pockets to keep you organized, one with a zipper and all three with leather trim for long term wear. Our handles encompass your shoulder with ease and on the bottom are five metal feet to protect your bag whenever and wherever you set it down! Exclusive and one of a kind in Italian leather. It comes with an extra set of drawstring ties in contrasting color to change up as the mood strikes you. We like to keep things interesting!

Would you like to create your very own bespoke color combination? Email us at or call us at 401 402 0604. We’ll make it easy. You’ll be delighted!

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