What’s Essential?…We’ll be listening.

What’s Essential? Well for one thing, fashion on our own terms. As busy working women, like you, we sometimes feel overwhelmed. Too much to do, too little time, especially for dreaming. And we’re big time dreamers! We’ve dreamed into being beautiful, purposeful items to bring comfort into our lives (and yours!) and support us on our journey, but at the heart of all things we love are the ever present possibilities that conspire in our lives. That’s why we can speak to you here and now. Possibilities realized! We call our “mutual internal horizon” that place where we are wanting to go, not sure how we’ll get there but know that it will only happen if we take the first step. And so we have!!

We hope that when you have something to say, or a step to take, you will share it with us. We’ll be listening!


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